Dwarfdragons 2

The larvae accumulate seemingly DNA of their prey. The genetic information is probably integrated during the cocoon stage. The pupa is very good disguised. Only once I found one. The Hull was made out of plant material and probably spit. I found out after hatching. I didnít try to open it, they are too rare. One Morning the hull was empty.



The great variety of the adults appearance, I interpret through the DNA of their prey. Besides the variety of Hymenoptera types, like bee and wasp forms, I observed twice a Dragonfly type, with its characteristic flying habit. Once I saw, for a few seconds a form, which showed feathers and wings like a humming bird. It was a male and very fast. I could not make out, if its body was covered with feathers like its wings and head. He was not long enough still. But he was certainly dazzling like a humming bird in green and blue. .


Hummingbird type

The imagines seemingly have always a tube snout. Their food consists probably only of nectar and very small insects.


Portrait of Adult

The following information is second hand.
This story was told by the daughter (98) of a researcherís couple, which lives there since she was born. She devoted her life to these creatures.

After an active cycle of approximately 100 years, during which they breed they grow indolent. They hide then frequently in cracks. Finally they gather in great caves. Many thousand huddle there at the roofs. All are unspoiled and many of them still move. After repeated observation of marked areas distinctive changes were noticed, even by ďimmobileĒ animals.

The lady thinks, they just leave the human time level.

They are all covered by transparent fungus mycelia. If there is a symbiosis is not observed. In the aboriginals myth they are immortal.

She saw once one specimen enclosed in a crystal, there was no fungus but it looked alive with its open eyes. It was given to her by a shaman with a smile. She hid it in her backpack for two hours. When she took it out again the crystal was empty and a bit dark and cloudy. There was no cavity visible. She gave it back to the medicine man.

I donít want to think about the crystals age and I was never in the caves.

These little creatures have apparently no enemies. I never could observe an attack of predators although they where often present. They never reacted. The lady also never observed an attack.

I promised to the dear lady never to talk about the exact spot of their habitat. So, even my placing it in South America, is of course to be doubted.

Will be continued


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