There are the small Insect dragons, sometimes called Dwarf dragons. I discovered them in the early eighties. These Dragons live in the deepest jungles of South America. They are commonly not longer than 5 inches.


Female breeding

There is a significant difference between the sexes. Males have arms used for mating with the armless females. They carry them while mating. Brooding females are fed by the males, after hatching they carry the little ones to flowering plants.


Male, Butterfly Type

The female above is of the hymenoptera type, the aborigines say that the larvae are even fed by their fathers. But there is no scientific proof.


Larvae at Tillandsie

They are supposed to use their arms for feeding. The larvae lurk and take their prey by surprise.

Head of Larvae

Head of Larvae

Small Prey is usually taken with the tongue. Greater prey is taken by their long teeth.



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