shadow shadow shadow
Mythology sculptures for outdoor in the Garden.
Centaurs, fauns and chimaeras are personifications of our suppressed fears or wishes. I like to test their possibilities.

The female centaur is one result; I always thought the female part underestimated.

The Flute player is a satyr with allusions to Priapus and his deterrent and pollinating features in field and garden.

The Faun in Garbage refers to the way we abuse nature and our spiritual inheritance.
The Kachina mask suddenly appeared while I was working. I had to form her and still donít know why.

The Surrealistic Sequence out of aluminium foil shows a centaur first in jog trot, then reaching for the arrow, bending his bow, releasing the arrow, being shot by this arrow.

Axel Luther, sculptor, freelance artist, Bayreuth, Germany