shadow shadow shadow
God sculptures out of Ceramic presenting:

The God of Feasability,


His angels name are named

“inherent necessity” and "freedom of science”.

The prayers are named

"justly pecuniary reward".

The god is blind and treats everybody equal.

He walks occasionally over them.

To worship him is like riding a dragon.

If you are „lucky“, he will devour you last.

His secret name is:

„If I don’t do it, someone else will.“

He became his pedestal after the reactor

 accident in Tschernobyl.

By the way, a name is not always identical with the truth

The Egyptian god of creation Chnoum, the later name is Ammon.

The Rainforest.

The Goddess of Plenty, which I’d like to cast in bronze.

The moon goddess A Sex goddess „ Look what I have“

The golden goddess of fertility.

The twofaced Sun

A man headed horse, a Celtic god, I understand.

And last the creator of all life, as death. Source of evolution.

Most of them, are garden sculptures for outdoor use.

Apart from bronze-casts, all are originals.


Axel Luther freelance artist, remittance work welcome.