shadow shadow shadow
There are jet, quite a few bronze casts in my sculptural work.
They are done by casting house Bauer in Woerth at the river Danube.
They allowed me do to the wax finish myself and also
the finish of the bronze cast. Therefore the result fits my intention.

The ammonite stele Light Helix was also made there.
It is placed at a butte called Neubuerg, placed near the thermal spring Obernsees, Oberfranken, Germany. It is a magic place.

Round steel sculptures like the scorpion and the horse are placed in the
Botanical Garden Bayreuth. They are three dimensional sketches, with the additional advantage, once touched they dance quite a while, as if alive.

The great acupuncture needle in the Botanical Garden Bayreuth moves around the area and dejams the artificial shaped landscape. The two bosom helixes one turned left one right harmonise. The female image symbolises mother earth. Her head is the whole kosm.

The hippo is a bronze cast of the ceramic hippo in the Botanical Garden in Bayreuth.

The cat is cast in bronze for the sole benefit of the botanical garden Bayreuth.

Aluminium is a sample for bronze casts out of my aluminium sculptures.

Axel Luther, freelance artist, animal sculptures, Bayreuth, Hollfeld, Germany