shadow shadow shadow
The minotaur emblematises for me the magic untamed creator-
and destroyer potential of humans.
New York has this aura of a dancing Minotaur.
The duel between Theseus and Minotaur is the drama
of our divine aspect and the hierarchic claim of civilisation.

Jim Steinman the New York composer has this work:

Theseus and Minotaur.

The Topic Minotaur interested Jim so much,
that he took the Minotaur lover too.
It is the same theme, another aspect.

The Taurus man as a banderillero:
He is an important opponent in the Spanish corrida.
It is a last remnant of an ancient religion.
Devotement of, or to the procreative and destructive god.
For this topic I used up to now aluminium foil and ceramics.
Bronze as remittance work is always possible.

Axel Luther, freelance artist, sculptor, Hollfeld, near Bayreuth, Germany