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Starting with Materials.
Commission work and portrait of men and animal Aluminium

My talent avoided teachers of any kind. Was it luck or burden?
I never lost the joy of creating. No antetype or book urged
me out of my way. I read a lot, but not about art. I sketched
animals most of the time. To copy nature did not occur to me.
I called them into existence. Everybody I asked could not do
it, so I stopped asking. It’s nothing I’m proud of, its an undeserved
gift, like blue eyes.

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                      Plaster relief and wall painting

This is the English start page of the site lutherart.de. Walls
I am a freelance artist, a painter on wood, canvas or tipi.
Murals, plaster relief and sculptures are part of my work.
Mural is painting on wall.
The materials I use, vary from steel, bronze, stone, concrete,
clay, ceramic to aluminium foil. The topics include sculpture
and painting of animals like buffalo, snake, fish, tiger, bird, raven,
owl, horse, bull, cat, elephant, hippos, dragons and portrait.
Mythological beings, Minotaur, old Gods, nature spirits,
woman, angels and sacral art. Painting
Most of it is created without models
(apart from bronze and portrait)
I prefer originals. There are a few poems too.
 Works on paper are rare.

                        Portrait and human sculptures.

                        Angels and Sacral Art.
                        My Animals Wildlife and Myth Angels/Jesus
                         Dragons are very lifelike.

                         Cats, Lioness, Lynx,
                         and other felines.

                          Horses, Pegasus, Unicorns
                          and relatives.
                           Bulls, Buffalos
                           and other cattle.
Bulls, Buffalo
                           Owl, Raven and other Birds.

                            Painting on Wood and Tipi

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Poems and Dwarf Dragons are to be found in Writing

 Axel Luther

Freischaffender Künstler, Kunstmaler und Bildhauer

Eckenerstr. 4, 95444 Bayreuth, Oberfranken

Mail: axelluther@googlemail.com

Atelier in Hollfeld, Eiergasse 13.

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