Art is…

Art, in my opinion,
is more than intention and skill.
The essence is always a gift.
It is given beyond the controlled practice.
If there is an artists merit,
it is his capability not to interfere.
In this spirit being an artist
is something special.
It is a state of mind, an attitude,
it vanishes, during the effort of retaining.
It is like a well,

a power streaming through you,
something transpersonal.
You cant describe it (though I try)
only experience it.

Absent-minded, lost to yourself….
I don’t believe that it is deserved
or acquired.
No it happens even in spite of all the work
and toil invested.

Diverse worded,
if work becomes effortless,
it is present.
With time you become more pervious.

I am responsible,
but I am not the cause.
It happened.

In this respect we all are artists,

”Fatto io” the words of my little nice
from Italy (now she is 18)
I took for my paintings signature.
It means something like: I make.
For me it is a Choan,
a Buddhist paradoxical parable.



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